Bargaining with Kringle (see it in the GSM)

Check out the Frodo the Sheltie comic strip titled, “Bargaining with Kringle” in the final edition of the GSM.   This particular strip is exclusively found in this edition and in the new kindle book, “Frodo the Sheltie: Do You Believe in Farm?”

I want to take this moment to thank Jan Grice, editor of GSM  and the readers for so warmly welcoming the comic strip into the magazine for it’s final year. Jan, has so much to be proud of. I knew from the moment I encountered the magazine that it was a labour of love and a work of great vision and passion for shelties that I just had to be a part of it. I’m so glad she gave me that opportunity to do so and to get to know her as well.  Jan also wrote the foreword in my kindle book for which I am grateful for her contribution.   I’m pleased to share that the closure of the magazine is not the closure of her informative blog and the GSM Facebook page.  


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