NEW BOOK: Sleepy Time for Mammals

NEW BOOK: Sleepy Time for Mammals

NEW BOOK: Sleepy Time for Mammals (release date TBA)

The funny thing about sleep is that we all need it. It is very important and it
still confuses scientists as to why. There are many different mammals on the
planet and almost as many different ways to sleep, and sleep requirements.
Why is it that some of the smallest mammals need the most sleep and some
of the biggest need the least? Why do some mammals hibernate, and some
do not? How can animals that need to breathe air, sleep underwater?

I’m so honored to have the privilege of illustrating Sarah Elvidge’s first book. She is a new promising author of children’s book with a bright future ahead of her. We are actually looking for a publisher to get behind this project. If anyone has any connections, please contact me. Gordon Bagshaw

2 thoughts on “NEW BOOK: Sleepy Time for Mammals

  1. Did you do the illustration of the sleeping lion on the cover? It’s beautiful! I have no contacts in the publishing world – I wish I did! Good luck with this project.

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