Sleepy Time for Mammals

Sleepy Time for Mammals, by Sarah Elvidge, illustrated by Gordon Bagshaw

See the book trailer

1507381_628224137266627_8945364912488505008_oThe funny thing about sleep is that we all need it. It is very important and it still confuses scientists as to why. There are many different mammals on the planet and almost as many different ways to sleep, and sleep requirements. Why is it that some of the smallest mammals need the most sleep and some of the biggest need the least? Why do some mammals hibernate, and some do not? How can animals that to breathe air, sleep underwater?  
10700516_398379290324831_2269631166690546661_oSleepy Time for Mammals received the prestigious 2nd prize award in the L.M. Montgomery category at the 2014 Cox & Palmer Island Literary Awards in P.E.I., Canada.4) otter sleeping with text

Sleepy Time for Mammals is available at

The following video is a 5 minute demonstration of how I went about illustrating the book using the Wacom Bamboo Tablet and Sketchbook Pro.


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