About Gord

gord and the dogsGordon Bagshaw, a stay-at-home dog parent of two beautiful Shelties, is also a Canadian author and illustrator. Born and raised in Montreal, he began honing his skills in illustration, storytelling and music at an early age; gravitating towards the world of cartooning. After graduating with honours in creative arts with an emphasis in film and animation, He went onto theological studies and serviced as a youth minister for 12 years in the Anglican Church of Canada.

Today, Gordon resides in São Paulo, Brazil with his wife, Raquel, where he teaches English for business, travel and continued education.

Gordon’s Books & Illustration work
Frodo the Sheltie Books : in Paperback / on Kindle

Sleepy Time For Mammals, written by Sarah Elvidge and illustrated by Gordon Bagshaw. Winner of 2014 L.M. Montgomery for Children's Writing. 2nd prize
Sleepy Time For Mammals (Winner 2014 L.M. Montgomery for Children’s Writing / 2nd prize)
Libby The Lobivia Jajoiana. 2021 Winner Purple Dragonfly Book Award for Best Illustration Category 2nd place & Honorable Mention for Picture Book 5 and Younger category
Libby The Lobivia Jajoiana. 2021 Winner Purple Dragonfly Book Award


11 thoughts on “About Gord

  1. AND, you frogot to say you have a great sister-in-law, who can’t wait to meet Frodo the celeb in person (or in dog?)! Great job on the site, Gord. It’s great!

  2. Hi Gordon, your cartoons made me smile as I had 20 years ago a sheltie named Frodo and I also made cartoons of him to our breed magazine. Not quite as professional as yours, but he just gave me inspirations about his shows, agility, obedience etc. and I had great fun making them 🙂
    HIlppa from Finland

    1. Hi Hilppa,
      thank you so much for sharing your story with me. It’s nice to meet someone who can identify the feeling and experience we have in creating stories about the dogs in our life. I hope you continue to follow and laugh along with my strip. And to know that it’s touching some special memories of your Frodo, well I can’t express enough what that means to me. Thank you. Gord

      1. Thank you for your reply, I will definitely follow the strips as I am one of the editors in GSM.


        P.S. My Frodo was tricolour 🙂 Still quite a coincidence huh?

  3. Your Frodo is like my Duke…. who now has to adjust to a new whippersnapper on the scene. Hating the vacuum cleaner, playing fetch, begging for belly scratches, you summed it all up! I shared your link with our sheltie rescue group here in Wisconsin, USA along with my friends on Facebook.

    1. Fantastic question Sarah and a very big oversight on my part. Since receiving your comment I have add a contact form on this page. If you or anyone wishes to write to me directly, simply fill out the form. Have a great day. Gordon

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